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Flux is a brilliant theme for displaying big, beautiful images alongside modern charts and text. It features several new premium particles that make it easy to create easy-to-read charts, calendars, and more.
Embed videos that live natively in your website's design.
Charts Particle
Create great charts.
Gantry 5 Features
Gantry 5 is a next-generation theming framework. It is packed with features that make it easier than ever to build your website.
Themes powered by Gantry 5 come with an industry-leading set of core features, including: style, menu, layout, content, and page management tools. Find out why thousands of websites are switching to the powerful Gantry 5 framework.
May 9th, 2017

How to Manipulate the Menu Editor

June 5th, 2017

What You Need to Know About the Style Panel

July 13th, 2017
Mexico City

How to Perform Magic in the Layout Manager

August 25th, 2017

What You Need to Know About Assignments

Gantry 5 Pickers

Gantry 5's Pickers Simplify Site Configuration

Font Picker
Font Picker enables you to browse hundreds of fonts, see real-time previews of your text, and use them in your site.
Color Picker
Color Picker makes choosing colors for your website a breeze. Enjoy full control over your site's color scheme.
Icon Picker
Powered by the popular Font Awesome icon library, Gantry 5's Icon Picker makes browsing and using icons easy.
File Picker
Browse, upload, and select images, video, and other files with ease from Gantry 5's modern File Picker tool.
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Create the perfect website for your needs with this versatile theme.
Flux is an incredible design that was created from the ground up for simplicity and versatility. Whether you're building a corporate website or a personal portfolio, Flux is packed with features you'll love.